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Job Shadowing Opportunities

We welcome high school seniors and college students to apply for a job shadowing experience at our clinic!

Goal of Shadowing: Veterinary medicine is a rewarding profession. But it does require compassion and a lot of work. Not everyone is cut out for this profession. A small amount of time behind the scenes in a veterinary clinic when you are trying to make a decision about your career choice can make a big difference.


Application for Shadowing: Please submit the following to us at

  • Your full name and contact information

  • Brief explanation of what you would like to accomplish in a shadowing experience

  • Paragraph on what your future plans are

  • What days and months you might be available to shadow

  • Your school, grade and interests. Please note we are currently only accepting high school seniors and college enrolled students.


Duration of Shadow: If accepted, we will schedule the student a time to follow one of our vets for a short time on a day that works for the clinic and the student.

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