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Current Protocol Changes due to COVID-19

UPDATED 3/17/2022: 

We will continue to restrict client access to our facility until further notice, offering only curbside appointment service or drop-off service.  We continue to require that any clients who are exhibiting symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or breathing difficulties refrain from coming to the facility and have a family member or friend bring their pet or reschedule the appointment entirely.

We have been receiving many questions recently regarding our continued curbside status and when we will be opening our lobby and returning to "normal" operations.

After careful discussion and examination of our protocols, we have decided to remain mainly curbside for operations until further notice. Our main reasoning is as follows:

  • Safety: Science tells us that social distancing and masking is still the most effective way to protect ourselves and our clients from Covid-19. Our small exam rooms make distancing very challenging. We know from experience that many prefer not to wear masks and can be very aggressive about their stance. As these measures are essential for our staff safety, they are non-negotiable, thus curbside enables us to protect our staff and avoid confrontation while continuing to provide quality patient care. 

  • Efficiency: Curbside allows us to operate very efficiently and see more patients during the day then we will be able to see if we return to "normal" protocols at this time. If we allow clients in the building and freely through the lobby, we will have to drastically reduce the number of patients seen during the day to allow for adequate disinfecting and cleaning of exam rooms. Our case load is already at peak capacity due to the reduced number of veterinarians in the area. We regularly book 1-2 weeks in advance for appointments and up to 4 weeks in advance for surgeries. We feel it will be disservice to our patients to further reduce our daily appointments as our patients will have to wait much longer to receive the medical care they need.

  • Flexibility: Curbside allows YOU to get other things done while your pet is in our care. Many of our clients choose a drop-off option and run errands or get lunch while their pet is at an appointment and have been very happy with the curbside option. As long as you are reachable by phone, this works well for everyone!


While you are here for your curbside appointment, you may notice that we occasionally bring clients into the building. Please know that this is the exception to the rule, and is generally only done in cases where the pet is here for end-of-life care, has a complicated or terminal diagnosis or has been presented on an emergency basis due to a life-threatening trauma. We feel that these situations warrant a face-to-face conversation and as they are limited, we are able to disinfect appropriately after clients depart. 


We hope this helps explain our position. We know curbside is not always the popular choice, but please know we are constantly examining our protocols to try to improve your experience. Rest assured, your pets are well loved and cared for when they are in the building with us.  


When you arrive for your appointment, or to pick up medication or food, please remain in your vehicle and  call our office to check in with our staff. 


  • If you are just here to pick up supplies, we will take payment via phone and deliver your items to your vehicle. ​

  • If you have arrived for a scheduled appointment, you will be asked to fill out the appropriate paperwork via your smartphone. All relevant client/patient forms are available online. We will then have you wait in your vehicle and a staff member will come to get your pet for their services. We will communicate with you via phone about our exam findings and recommendations and complete your pet's care. Payment will be taken, via phone if necessary, and your pet and any needed medications will be returned to you at your vehicle. ​


If your pet is experiencing a life-threatening EMERGENCY (hit by a car, seizures, bleeding, non-responsive, difficulty breathing, etc), please bypass these protocols and come directly into the office for immediate care. If our lobby door is locked, please knock and announce that you have an emergency situation, or call and immediately identify that you have an emergency situation and need immediate help. 

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